Every morning our chef will delight you with a selection of the best local products. 

Savor the Essence of Sicily

A Culinary Journey Through Sicily’s Rich Heritage

Our Local Production

Our local production of Lemons and Oranges are used to create incredibile dishes 

Suitable for Events and Weddings

Our gorgeous location is the perfect spot where to organize your next event or wedding. Get in touch with and will make your dreams come true.


Not only we use the freshest local ingredients, we pair them with local wines especially from Mount Etna Vineyards.

The Best of Local Produce, Authentically Crafted

Join Us for a Feast of the Senses

Wine and Dine the Sicilian Way

Our carefully curated wine list boasts some of Sicily’s finest labels. From the robust Nero d’Avola to the fragrant Grillo, our wines perfectly complement the array of dishes, ensuring a harmonious dining experience.

An Ambiance Steeped in Tradition

Our restaurant’s design pays homage to Sicily’s rich heritage. Rustic interiors, hand-painted ceramics, and traditional motifs set the stage, transporting you to a Sicilian home where warmth and hospitality reign supreme.

Join Us for a Feast of the Senses

At Feudogrande Bio Relais Hotel, every meal is more than just a dish. It’s a story, a tradition, a celebration of Sicily’s vibrant spirit. Whether you’re a lifelong lover of Sicilian cuisine or a curious first-timer, we promise an experience that tantalizes your palate and warms your heart.

Benvenuti! Let the flavors of Sicily whisk you away.